• treecasa

Mihae Mukaida

Mihae swung from the concrete canyons of NYC into the jungles of Nicaragua, landing at the perfect time to help craft an image of TreeCasa that matched the power of the vision. She's a designer yes, but also a teller of tall tales that she pours her heart into making come true. She has transformed TreeCasa, and it transformed her... no better telling of the story we all intended to write.

Story Spinner

Trang Cao

A sorceress among storytellers, Trang is responsible for many of the words written about us, weaving narratives that inspire other creative and dynamic sorts to come find us in the jungle and add another layer to the TreeCasa story themselves. She also organized the first wave of the [email protected] volunteer brigade and helped create the ethos of that program, which is at the core of the TreeCasa mission. All that, and she can whip up some righteous Vietnamese victuals.