Become a better version of yourself

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Yoga is an extremely popular practice that not only improves your spiritual and emotional well-being but also benefits your physical health. The word comes from “yuj” which is a Sanskrit word that means to unite. It refers to the union of yourself and greater energy in order to understand and connect with your mind and spirituality. There is more to the world than meets the eye, increase your consciousness and clear your mind from the cluttering stress of daily life.

Boost your mind

With yoga, you practice mindfulness of your breath. Meaning you concentrate on how breathing fuels your body, helps with meditation and keeps your muscles full of energy. When you learn to focus deeply on your breathing, you soothe your mind. This helps you to get rid of stress and tension. Once you get rid of the noisy thoughts and anxiety, you’ll start noticing how it’s easier for you to concentrate and perform better. Moreover, the American Psychological Association stated that Hatha yoga helps patients reduce PTSD symptoms, proving that yoga is incredibly valuable for mental health.

June Wellness month

June Wellness month

Improve your body

Along with the mental and emotional advantages, yoga has a lot of benefits for your body. It promotes your physical health in different ways. The asanas (yoga poses), promote circulation, increases range of motion, reduce joint pain, and lowers blood pressure. People who experience balance problems, IBS, migraines, and other illnesses notice how yoga helps them relieve these ailments. Furthermore, if you experience chronic back pain, you can strengthen your back muscles, improve blood flow, and increase flexibility by offering you awareness of your body, and gentle exercise.

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Our Yoga classes are instructed by Paige Sferrazza Certified in Upaya Yoga in Goa, India.

Gentle Flow

Wind down, stretch, and delicately tone your muscles with this Gentle Flow yoga class. We’ll connect one pose to the next, starting in grounding postures that bring us close to the Earth, moving through Sun Salutations, and working into postures that open up the body while relaxing the nervous system. As we slow down, the practice calms our bodies and renews our spirits.


Finding Flow: During this 60/90 minute class, we’ll focus on moving through flow and in doing so, becoming aware of places and mental patterns in which we fixate. Instead, we’ll be allowing ourselves to experience and let go of whatever we clutch on to. The class will build heat, build strength, and build flexibility all while connecting to your center and moving into a place of calm.

Growth through Stillness:During this 60/90 minute flow, we’ll focus on understanding the power in slowing down. Sometimes, moments of quiet and stillness build the most strength, heat, and power. We’ll focus on muscle engagement and toning, find balance and concentration, and keep close attention to our breath.

June Wellness month