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TreeCasa joins the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

TreeCasa Hotel & Resort Nicaragua is proud to be a signatory of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative.

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Retreats to come

Discover about the next retreats at TreeCasa Hotel & Resort and join us for an amazing experience!

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TreeCasa promotes the many facets of wellness from healthy eating to connective experiences, healing and opportunities to get involved.

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Exploration and Discovery

We believe in the power of play, discovery and astonishment. Unique adventures and experiences to connect you more deeply to the world around you...

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TreeCasa is part of a vibrant community building healthy, sustainable relationships to the environment, people and place.

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TreeCasa thrives with a firm understanding that any built environment is an inextricable part of a wider  ecosystem. We take great care to honor this.

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Our Pillars

People, place and the environment in harmony.

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